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Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Cake with Orange Frosting

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Adjust Servings:
320 g. Zucchini
230 g. Ripe Bananas
10 g. Maple syrup
35 g. Almond butter
2 tsp. Psyllium Husk
200 g. Soy Milk
200 g. Oat Flour
1 tsp. Gluten-free baking powder
50 g. cacao powder or carob
of 1 orange Orange Zest
150 g. Cashews soaked in water
1 Orange
a pinch Turmeric powder optional
1 tsp. Vanilla extract
1 tsp. Cinnamon powder optional

Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Cake with Orange Frosting



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    Chocolate and Orange taste combination has been my favorite since I was a child! This vegan chocolate zucchini cake is amazingly delicious, tender, soft, moist, and completely guilt-free- vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and oil-free. Only whole foods and natural ingredients, which you simply mix up in a blender and this delicious cake is going to be ready in less than an hour! You can make it for a birthday party, any special event or just for a Sunday tea with your family! My husband and son, as well as my in-laws, enjoyed this cake and I felt that it was my duty to pass this recipe to my dear readers!



    It might sound a little strange, but zucchinis in this recipe are the base of this vegan chocolate zucchini cake. Which means that there is more than 300 g. of raw zucchinis in 1 cake. And even though the amount of zucchinis is quite large, trust me, the cake is fantastic, sweet and very soft. Nobody in my family realized that there was any zucchini in there until I said it! You won’t feel or taste any zucchini in it, but due to their high water content, they make the texture of the cake moist, so creamy, soft, and slightly chewy, melting in the mouth! Don’t be afraid to put 300 g. zucchinis, it’s totally worth it!

    Natural Sweetness

    I use bananas as a natural sweetener for this vegan chocolate zucchini cake. It is better to use very ripe bananas as they are the sweetest and they pair so well with the zucchinis in this recipe. Bananas add extra moisture and softness to the texture of the cake. That is why they are a must in this recipe and it is better not to replace them with dates or sugar.  For extra sweetness, I did add 10 g. of maple syrup, however, if you add even more bananas, you can omit the maple syrup completely.

    Gluten-Free Flour

    I have used oat flour in this recipe as I prefer using oats and bananas together in my recipes, oats tend to swell in moisture and therefore act a little bit like a self-rasing flour. You can make oat flour at home by blending oats in a blender. However, other types of gluten-free flours might work in this vegan chocolate zucchini cake as well, such as buckwheat flour, rice flour, or a gluten-free flour mix. If you are using other types of flour, the amount of flour and cooking time might differ.

    Orange Frosting

    I like to keep frostings simple, healthy, and nutritious. The base of this orange frosting is cashew nuts. I simply soak cashews in water for a few hours or just while the cake is baking.  Then I prepare the frosting within a few minutes while the cake is cooling down. There is no sugar or any other extra sweeteners in it except for a fresh orange! As we zested the orange and put the zest into the cake batter, the leftover zested orange goes into this frosting along with some vanilla extract. Add just a pinch of turmeric for an extra bright orange color! It depends on the size of your orange how liquid it is going to be. Mine was quite large and very juicy inside, therefore I used no extra liquid. However, if your orange is smaller or a bit drier inside, you might need a few tablespoons of extra orange juice or water to make the frosting creamy enough!

    Decorate this vegan chocolate zucchini cake with orange frosting with extra slices of oranges, berries, or other fruits and nuts!


    If you are interested in other vegan, healthy and easy vegan gluten-free desserts, check out this Raw Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe. 


    Please share, like, and leave your comments down below! I would be happy to hear your feedback and how my recipe turned out for you!

    Thank you,


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    Make the Psyllium Egg

    1. Preheat the oven to 150 C or 300 F;
    2. Mix 2 tsp of ground psyllium husk with 3 tbsp. of water, stir well. The longer it will sit, the thicker it will become, so I recommend doing it right before starting making the cake.


    Mix Wet Ingredients

    1. Add to the blender zucchinis cut into chunks, bananas, maple syrup, almond butter, and 2 psyllium eggs and soy milk;
    2. Blend all these ingredients until a thick creamy paste. You may blend zucchinis and bananas first and then add all the rest and mix them;


    Add Wet Ingredients

    1 To the blended mixture add the oat flour, baking powder, cacao or carob powder (i used both in 50:50 ratio), ground zest of 1 orange and mix well with a spatula or simply shortly mix again in a blender or a food processor until it all well mixed into a creamy mass.


    1. Pour the cake batter into the cake tin (I laid a parchment paper on the bottom of the tin to prevent any sticking);
    2. Place the cake in the oven and bake for 45-50 minutes or until or until a skewer inserted into the center of the cake will come out more or less clean. (some wetness is ok, but not too wet).
    3. Cool the cake in the tin over a room temperature for 30 minutes, then transfer into your serving plate and let it cool completely.


    Prepare the Orange Frosting

    1. Let the raw unsalted cashews soak in water while you are preparing the cake. You can also do it 3-4 hours in advance;
    2. While the cake is cooling down, add the pre-soaked drained and rinsed cashews into the blender along with 1 peeled orange, I peeled only half of the orange because it was enormously large, a sprinkle of turmeric and vanilla extract and blend until smooth. If you find it too thick, add a few tbsp. of orange juice or water and mix again;
    3. Spread the frosting over the cake equally with a spatula and decorate with orange slices or other fruits.


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