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Raw Layered Jar Dessert with Strawberry-Chia Pudding

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Adjust Servings:
200 g. Cashews
1 tbsp. Cinnamon powder
150 g. Water
1/2 lime Lime Juice or lemon
Strawberry-Chia Pudding
350 g. Fresh Strawberries
4 tbsp. Chia seeds
1 tbsp. Maple syrup optional
150 g. Almonds
130 g. Dates
50 g. Coconut flakes (Shredded coconut)
1 tbsp. Hemp seeds
4 tbsp. Almond butter
2 tbsp. Hot Water

Raw Layered Jar Dessert with Strawberry-Chia Pudding



    • Cream

    • Strawberry-Chia Pudding

    • Base



    This raw layered jar dessert is an exquisite, healthy, whole food, sugar-free dessert, which has a fresh and summery vibe! Nuts, seeds, and fresh strawberries are basically all you need to create this amazing, sweet, and delicious raw players jar dessert. I love making it for family special occasions or just a delicious sweet snack.

    I highly recommend to plan and prepare the ingredients for this raw layered jar dessert either in the morning of the same day or in the evening. That way it will be quick and easy to assemble the dessert when you need it.

    Cashew-Lime Cream

    This cashew-lime cream is very smooth, creamy, light, and fresh. To achieve fluffy and airy cream consistency I recommend soaking cashews overnight. Then on the day of serving just rinse, pat dry and blend them with water,lime juice, and cinnamon.

    Strawberry-Chia Pudding

    I love this strawberry-chia pudding combination as a top on my layered dessert! Fresh strawberries are a delicious spring-summer treat. Simply combine chia seeds, 1 tablespoon of maple syrup to intensify the flavor and strawberries. Then let it sit overnight or at least 4-5 hours in a fridge. It is a great healthy marmalade or jam alternative and perfect for this raw summer dessert or as a topping for pancakes for example.

    Nut Desert Base 

    This nut base is very sturdy, sweet, and a little chewy. All we need for this delicious base are almonds, shredded coconut, hemp seeds, dates, and almond butter to help it stick together. I see that often “healthy recipes” recommend using coconut oil in raw desserts to help the nuts stick together. Coconut oil is pure saturated fat, which we don’t want in our healthy diet. Watch this video by Mic the Vegan to learn about coconut oil.  That is why I highly recommend using nut batters instead! They are much healthier, whole food oil alternatives! I usually have almond butter on hand and that is what I used. However,  you can use any nut butter of your choice In his raw layered dessert. The consistency of the base should be minced and stick together well so that you can press it to the bottom of the jar. I have used a small wooden flat press tool, but even fingers or a spoon will do the trick!


    If you are interested in the other raw vegan, healthy, and easy vegan gluten-free desserts, check out this Raw Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe. 

    Please share, like, and leave your comments down below! I would be happy to hear your feedback and how my recipe turned out for you!

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    Soak Cashew Nuts in Advance

    1. Pour some cold water over the cashew nuts so that they are fully covered and soak them overnight or for 6 hours;
    2. After soaking, drain the cashews, rinse under cold water and pat dry;
    3. Add soaked and drained cashews to the blender along with lime juice, cinnamon, and water and blend until smooth and creamy.


    Prepare Strawberry-Chia Pudding in advance

    1. Add to the blender fresh strawberries and blend until almost smooth;
    2. Add maple syrup and chia seeds, and mix well (a quick blend or whisk to spread up the chia seeds evenly)
    3. Keep it in a fridge for 5-6 hours and then proceed to the desert itself.


    Prepare the Base

    1. Add dates and almonds to the food processor and process until they look minced;
    2. Add to the minced almonds and dates in the food processor shredded coconut, hemp seeds, almond butter, and hot water, slightly process until well combined.
    3. The mass should be sticky and thick so that it will be easy to shape the cake base.


    Layer Up the Dessert!

    1. Prepare 6-8 glass jars (depending on the size);
    2. Spread the nut base equally between the jars and press to the bottom with fingers or a flat-ended kitchen tool, flatten them up;
    3. As a second layer add the lime-cashew cream to each jar;
    4. As a top add the strawberry-chia pudding and garnish with mint leaves.


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