Mexican Kale Salad with Guacamole Dressing

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Salad Ingredients
4 large leaves Kale
6 medium Potatoes
400 g. Kidney Beans cooked/canned
1 Red Onion
30 g. Sunflower seeds
4 medium Tomatoes Roma Tomatoes
Guacamole Dressing
1 large Avocado
1/2 lemon Lemon juice
2 Garlic cloves
Chili Flakes

Mexican Kale Salad with Guacamole Dressing



      • Salad Ingredients

      • Guacamole Dressing



      This Kale Salad with Guacamole Dressing is a great satisfying lunch idea, as it contains leafy greens- Kale, Potatoes and Kidney beans. Pretty basic ingredients, which all together make a nice delicious salad under flavourful guacamole dressing.


      In my opinion, kale is that sort of greens, that everybody needs to eat at some point in the day or a week. It is incredibly high in vitamins food, which nourishes our body.  Read the nutrition label of Kale here. To approach kale is very easy. It might seem too hard at first and very voluminous. However, to make the kale really soft and tender for the salad, try to massage it with half of the guacamole sauce right with your clean bare hands. Ther longer your massage it, the more tender and smaller in size it becomes. I prefer very soft kale, so I really massage it well for at least 5 minutes straight! It also helps to digest kale easier.

      If you don’t want or don’t have time to massage kale, another way to make it soft is to blanch it with hot water. Take a sip and place all the kale in it, then pour the hot boiling water over it and the kale will immediately shrink significantly.  However, I don’t always use that method because some of the nutrients can’t survive in the hot boiling water.


      I love potatoes! Potatoes make this kale salad with guacamole dressing satisfying and add that starchy texture to it. Baked potatoes are generally healthier than boiled ones, more nutrients are preserved and tastier too! Add your favorite spices to the potatoes and some good quality oil to get the crispiness on the outside.

      Guacamole Salad Dressing

      If you like guacamole, you will like this dressing too! The ingredients are very basic: avocado, garlic, tomato, lemon juice chili, salt, and pepper. Some people prefer bell peppers and onions/ shallots in their guacamole. I love garlic and just prefer it that way, but it’s up to you. To make the dressing creamy and also runny enough for the salad, just add some water.

      If you you are interested in more salad recipes containing kale, check out this Kale, Avocado and Apple Salad Recipe.

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      25 minutes

      Prepare the Potatoes

      1. Preheat the oven for 180C with circulating air;
      2. Peel and chop the potatoes into cubes;
      3. Lay the parchment paper and spread the potatoes with a drizzle of olive oil or without oil and some rosemary;
      4. The potatoes should be soft and ready for the salad in 20-25 minutes


      Prepare Kale

      1. Tear apart kale leaves, leave the stem out ( you can use it in other dishes);
      2. Rince Kale and dry on paper towels;
      3. Add the dried kale to a large salad bowl.


      Prepare Guacamole

      Add to the blender avocado, 1 tomato, garlic cloves, chili flakes, lemon juice, salt, and pepper and a splash of water and blend until smooth.


      Massage the Kale to reduce its size and soften it up!

      1. Add half of the guacamole dressing to the kale and massage it with your clean bare hands until it shrinks in size and becomes tender. It may take up to 5 minutes. This step is important if you want your salad to be rich and pleasant to chew.


      Assemble the Salad

      1. Add to the bowl with massaged kale the rest of the salad ingredients, the rest of the dressing and mix well.
      2. Sprinkle some sunflower seeds or other nuts or seeds on top.


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