Creamy Amaranth Porridge with Berries

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Adjust Servings:
1/2 cups Amaranth
1,5 cups Water
4-5 tbsp. Cashew Milk or other plant milk
2 tbsp. Almond butter
1/2 Mashed Banana optional
4-5 tbsp. Frozen Blueberries
Raspberry to garnish
Almonds to garnish

Creamy Amaranth Porridge with Berries





    This creamy amaranth porridge makes healthy, satisfying and protein and mineral-rich breakfast. If you like having oats or other kinds of porridge for breakfast, this one is worth trying! It is gluten-free and sugar-free. This creamy amaranth porridge is a great alternative to oats and chia-puddings. Especially in colder months when you want to have something warming in the morning.  I am going to outline in this post the most important tips on how to get a great creamy amaranth porridge consistency.

    Amaranth Cooking Tips

    First of all, amaranth is a very fine, small grain. And before cooking it, we need to give it a rinse. For that, we need to have a very fine sip, the finest you can get ( like for making a nut milk for example). I have tried all my sips and lost half of the amaranth simply because the holes in the sip were too big. Another way not to lose a lot of the grains while washing is to actually soak it in water for 1-hour prior cooking. However, I spontaneously decide in the morning what I want to have for breakfast and that’s why a fine sip works for me.

    Second, amaranth porridge does take its time to get cooked. Non-soaked amaranth takes about 35 minutes to fully cook. That’s why it is not a porridge option when you are in a hurry. This creamy amaranth porridge with berries is more of a kind for cozy and satisfying breakfasts to get a lot of energy for the day ahead!  I usually make this porridge, when I wake up a little earlier and my kid is still sleeping.

    Thirdly, to get this amazingly creamy consistency we stirring is a key. After the water is boiled, reduce the heat and close the lid, but around every 5 minutes stir the porridge to avoid any clumps.

    Another great tip to get your amaranth porridge so creamy is adding plant milk of your choice and a few tbsp. of nut butter at the end of the cooking time. Add the plant milk and the nut butter and stir well. I find that the perfect ratio of amaranth to water in cooking is 1:3.


    Amaranth Nutrition

    100 g. of cooked amaranth has 3.8 g. of protein, 18.7 g. of carbohydrates and 1,6 g. of fats. The minerals, which you get from the same amount of cooked amaranth are:

    • Calcium 47.0 mg 5% of daily value
    • Iron 2.1 mg 12% of daily value
    • Magnesium 65.0 mg 16% of daily value
    • Phosphorus 148 mg 15% of daily value
    • Potassium 135 mg 4% of daily value
    • Zinc 0.9 mg 6% of daily value
    • Copper 0.1 mg 7% of daily value
    • Manganese 0.9 mg 43% of daily value
    • Selenium 5.5 mcg 8% of daily value

    Read More here.


    Amaranth is pretty flavorful itself. It has a slightly sweet and very nutty taste. My favorite toppings are:

    • frozen or fresh berries;
    • nut butter;
    • fruits;
    • coconut flakes;
    • almond slices;
    • maple syrup or mashed banana to sweeten;
    • cacao
    • dark chocolate.

    If you are interested in other healthy and delicious vegan gluten-free breakfast ideas, check out this Vegan 3-Seed Morning Porridge.

    Please share, like and leave your comments down below! I would be happy to hear your feedback and how my recipe turned out for you!

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    Rince the amaranth grain under cold water through a fine sip. Pour the water and amaranth in the pot and bring to a boil.


    When it has boiled, reduce the heat to medium or low and cook for 30-35 minutes. Stir every 5-10 minutes very well, so that the porridge would not stick to the bottom and becomes creamy.


    At the end of cooking time, while the pot is still on the stove stir the nut milk in and add frozen berries and half of mashed banana to sweeten it up. They will warm up and become soft. Then turn off the heat, and serve. Garnish with fresh raspberries, almonds, and nut almond butter.


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