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Asparagus-Potato Salad – Spring Special

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Adjust Servings:
550 g. Potatoes raw, unpeeled
250 g. Green Asparagus
4-5 Shallots small
1 Cucumber medium
6-7 Radishes
15 g. Fresh dill
15 g. Fresh Parsley
100 g. Soy Yogurt
2 Garlic cloves
2 tsp. Dijon mustard
1/2 lemon Lemon juice
1/2 lemon Lemon zest
1 tsp. Turmeric powder
to taste Salt and Pepper
optional Pumpkin seeds
optional Pine Nuts
optional Nutritional yeast

Asparagus-Potato Salad – Spring Special



    • Dressing

    • Toppings



    This Asparagus-Potato Salad is a great and filling salad, which you can make this spring. Fresh Asparagus in available everywhere this time of the year. Shallots, radishes, cucumber, and potatoes from the farmers market combine so well with the green asparagus! The creamy dressing just brings up the flavor. This salad is delicious and refreshing, yet very satisfying. You can have this asparagus-potato salad on its own as a lunch or in smaller portions as a side dish. Easy to prepare and the delicious vegan meal is done! No gluten and no oil, only nice and fresh whole foods!


    How to prepare this Asparagus- Potato salad


    It is very easy to prepare. Just cook the potatoes, let them cool in cold water, and peel the skin off (it will come out so easy when you soak the boiled potatoes in cold water for a few minutes). You can also steam the potatoes if you prefer this method.


    Green asparagus is quite an easy vegetable to handle. All you need to do is to trim off the ends of the asparagus first because they are quite hard and not edible. I usually trim around 3 cm from the end, but if you are not sure where to trim, just try and break the asparagus in two parts towards the ends. Where it will start breaking naturally -that is the part we get rid of (or save in a fridge for vegetable stock to make at home).

    I find it essential not to oversteam the asparagus as it becomes all mushy and loses its flavor. I recommend steaming it for around 7 minutes ( a little more or less depending on how thick it is) or until it is still bright green and crunchy, not turning yellow yet.

    Fresh and Creamy Dressing

    I use soy yogurt as a base of this dressing, however, if you prefer other plant yogurts like cashew, almond etc., feel free to use them instead! The combination of minced garlic, turmeric, mustard, lemon juice, and zest with the plant yogurt gives freshness and richness to this dressing. It is very light, creamy, and flavorful.

    How to serve this salad?

    I personally find this salad very filling as it is, in fact, full of good nutrients. I have it for lunch on its own or with some oven-roasted tofu. However, you can also serve this salad as a side dish along with other dishes on your table. Sprinkle the salad with some nutritional yeast and pine nuts for an extra level of flavor!

    I served this salad in this beautiful Japanese red lacquered plate, which is weightless and incredibly beautiful. If you are wondering, where to get this Beautiful hand-made Japanese plate, I recommend checking out SpringBeautiful. This online shop belongs to a friend of mine, who travels and gets the plates herself (high quality and authenticity guaranteed).


    If you are interested in other vegan, healthy, and easy vegan gluten-free and satisfying salad recipes, check out this Vegan German Potato Salad recipe.

    Please share, like, and leave your comments down below! I would be happy to hear your feedback and how my recipe turned out for you!

    Thank you,


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    Boil Potatoes

    1. Wash thoroughly the potatoes to get rid of the dirt, which might be on the skin. Place whole or halved potatoes in the pot, cover with water;
    2. Bring it to a boil, then lower the heat to low and cook until they are fork-tender, but still hold their shape;
    3. Once potatoes are cooked, drain the hot water and add the cold water to the pot, let them cool for a few minutes, and peel them. (The skin will come off easily after soaking then in cold water).


    Steam the Asparagus

    1. Trim the asparagus ends around 2-3 cm, cut the asparagus sticks into 4-6 parts and place into a steaming basket;
    2. You can place this basket over the potatoes while they are cooking or over a separate pot;
    3. Steam the asparagus for 7-8 minutes, until it is bright green and slightly crunchy.


    Chop the vegetables

    1. Chop the peeled cooked potatoes, cucumbers, radishes into cubes or slices (I prefer cubes);
    2. Peel and mince shallots and finely chop parsley and dill;
    3. Combine all the chopped vegetables in a salad bowl.



    1. Peel and finely mince garlic and zest half a lemon;
    2. In a small bowl combine all the dressing ingredients and mix well;
    3. Add the dressing the salad and mix it all nicely.
    4. Serve with your topping of choice and enjoy!


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