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Sweet and Nutty Almond-Banana Cake

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300 g. Raw Almonds
50 g. Walnuts
3-4 Dates
250 g. Ripe Bananas
200 g. Almond milk
3 tsp. Psyllium Husk
1 tsp. Cinnamon powder
50 g. Almond butter
1 tsp. Gluten-free baking powder
1 tbps. Lemon juice or Apple Cider Vinegar

Sweet and Nutty Almond-Banana Cake




This Almond-Banana Cake is sweet, soft, moist, oil-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free! Almonds have become my favorite baking base lately! They are naturally sweet, you can grind them into flour easily and they make a perfect cake batter in combination with the other healthy ingredients! The most important part is that it is easy to make! Just throw all the ingredients into a blender and then bake in the baking form. This cake is perfect for tea-time or as a snack.

Gluten-Free Batter

The base of this almond-banana cake batter is almond flour. I process raw almonds into flour in my Thermomix ( you can also do it in a powerful blender or a food processor). To keep the almond flour base stick together I use 3 vegan “eggs”, which is a combination of ground psyllium husk and water. The gelly-like consistency of psyllium “eggs” helps the batter stick together perfectly and form any cake shape you want! So far I have tried many vegan egg alternatives, but nothing works better than psyllium husk. I highly recommend keeping it in your pantry for any baking occasions!

The other batter ingredients such as almond milk, almond butter, mashed bananas, and baking powder make up a great almond-banana cake. You can just combine them all in one pot or process them and bake it! Simple and delicious.

Natural Sweeteners

I don’t own sugar at my home. As a natural sweetener in this almond-banana cake, I have used ripe bananas and dates. Bananas can be substituted with apple mouse and dates with maple syrup. In that case, you would have to add less almond milk because of the higher liquid amount in these ingredients.


To give this almond-banana cake extra nutty flavor I added crushed walnuts and almond butter. Any your favorite nuts, roughly chopped would add an extra layer of texture and nutty flavor! If you don’t like nuts in this case, add dried fruit instead!

Cake Frosting/ Decoration

I haven’t used any frosting in this cake because I wanted to make something very quick and simple. I simply put banana slices on top of the cake and they become soft and sweet when they are baked. A layer of cinnamon powder gives it a nice aroma. But it is worth it to put frosting on it too if you wish. You can try an orange frosting from my Chocolate Zucchini Cake recipe or my Vegan Nutella Frosting from this Banana Muffins recipe.


Please share, like, and leave your comments down below! I would be happy to hear your feedback and how my recipe turned out for you!

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Prepare the ingredients for the cake mix

1. Blend almonds in a powerful blender or a food processor into flour and set aside;
2. Roughly chop the walnuts and dates and set aside;
3. Mix 3 tsp. of psyllium husk powder with 9 tbsp. of water and mix well- this equals to 3 vegan eggs.


Mix and Bake!

1. Preheat the oven to 180C;
2. Add to the blender your bananas, almond butter, vegan psyllium eggs, and almond milk and blend to a well mashed and blended together mix.
3. Add all the other dry ingredients and mix well until it becomes a think batter ( with a spoon or in a food processor);
4. You can put banana rings on top to decorate the cake (optional);
5. Spread the batter in a cake pan (springform) and bake for 35 minutes or until a wooden skewer inserted into the of the cake comes out clean. (I put a parchment paper on the bottom of the pan).
6. Let the cake to cool completely and enjoy!


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